Suelotec Tank Trucks Distribute Drinking Water in Sectors of Valmore Rodríguez Municipality

By Ingris Abreu Viloria

For more than 3 years Suelotec has activated the Drinking Water Supply Plan in different sectors of Valmore Rodríguez municipality as part of its Corporate Social Responsibility management.

The sectors Curva El Indio, The cieneguita, The sawmill and public institutions of the state, are benefited twice a week with water supply by the company, who has their own tankers to provide the precious liquid more than 50 families and around 300 people.

This is just one of the CSR (Corporate Social Responsility) activities with which Suelotec confirms the sense of belonging and its willingness to help the sectors where its operational bases are located and control the shortage of water that has affected the community for several months.