We Conduct Vaccination Days in Different GE Bases

By: Ingris Abreu Viloria

The month of August was favorable for the GEO to highlight its contributions in health issues to its employees, 4 days of vaccination and other activities framed the action plan of Health and Safety at Work.

In a double day of diphtheria and double viral Toxoid vaccination, 47 workers of suelotec and 93 of GEO, base Maracaibo, received this immunization, on the 9th and 15th of August. The ones in charge were the nurses Joana Moreno and Wisleidys Silva.

For their part, the collaborators of Dragasur, Campo Boscán base, also received the medical service against the Toxoid, Diphtheria and Hepatitis B viruses, nurse Karla Depablos was in charge of directing this activity on August 17.

Likewise, 43 workers of Cap Projects participated on August 30, where they received vaccines against Double Viral and Diphtheria Toxoid. This activity was in charge of the nurse Joana Moreno.

In this way Grupo Empresarial Ocando, continues to develop initiatives for the welfare of workers, taking care of health and safety at work.