We Contribute with Ophthalmological Surgeries of our Collaborators

By Daisy Quintero Tavares

For the Board of Directors of the Ocando Business Group, workers' health is very important, hence this, the constant search for benefits for their well-being.

During the month of August, we established an alliance with the ophthalmology unit of the Central Hospital Nuestra Señora de Chiquinquirá in Maracaibo, for the surgical intervention of some of our collaborators, who were counted by their diagnosis of pterygium, popularly known as carnocidad. In this sense, on August 25, the surgeries were performed on 10 workers belonging to Dragasur, Suelotec and GEO Servicios Corporativos, of the COL, COCDL and Maracaibo Bases.

Although the medical procedures were completely free because we are a public assistance center, we contribute with the logistics of the working days, the surgical supplies of each patient and the respective postoperative treatment. Likewise, our occupational doctors and nurses from the SSST department led the day and accompany them in the recovery process.